Web Hosting – Blogging 101 : Top 5 Lessons Learnt.

Getting started with web hosting is not always easy.

If you are the kind who likes to do the research before taking the plunge, the amount of information on this topic can be very overwhelming. This is true especially if this is your first time trying to setup something on a web host.


There will be those who are just trying to setup that one blog that they have been planning to write ever since and then there are those looking forward to setup complete sites.

The top 5 lessons I learnt while digging for information on blogging / web hosting are :

You cannot learn all the steps before starting. Try to take one step at a time.  It does not matter if you do not know what you will be doing next.  If you are trying to register a domain name you should conveniently delay learning everything else about web hosting.  That way you will actually make progress.

Research takes time and even the best search engine (read as Google) can throw data at a rate you cannot possibly dream of understanding.  Don’t worry – eventually everything will start making sense.

There are good authors out there who write really good stuff. If you know how to use Google efficiently, you will manage to step over the various commercial sites who only want to sell you domain names, web space, dedicated servers and rank very high in the search results.  Learn the art of Google if you haven’t already.

The dilemma of choice. When you have decided to shell out money for a particular service provider, (say a web host), you are bound to come across a post that criticizes that very service.  If you take each experience very seriously, you will end up rejecting every provider out there.   The fact is that you will have to choose someone who does not have too many bad reviews or is not the one who was rated well in the past but has lost credibility over time.

There are discount coupons at every step of web hosting. Before paying money for a domain name or a web host, make sure you search for discounts available through coupons.  Just type the_name_of_site_you_are_going_to_pay + coupons in the search box and then let Google do its magic. Don’t be cheap but saving money is absolutely fine.  I would suggest you first decide a web host and then search for coupons than the other way around.

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